Our homes are for city makers

Pocket Living designs homes for city makers, the people who make our city tick.

City makers are those on modest incomes who embrace the city.

They come to London to build their careers, meet friends and partners, and experience a vibrant urban lifestyle.

They all leave their mark on the city and they need London to help them put down roots.

Our city needs its city makers

City makers are teachers, nurses, doctors, web developers, chefs, journalists, graphic designers, vets and engineers.

They're singles and couples. They're young and not so young.

They're the people who contribute so much economically, socially and culturally to our city, yet are unable to buy their first home.

It’s tough for first time buyers

Since Pocket Living opened for business in 2003, getting on the property ladder in London has become harder and harder.

First time buyers are likely to be older, many can’t buy without help, and support from the bank of Mum and Dad is becoming the norm.

Too many city makers are having to think about leaving London to be able to buy their first home, as house prices continue to rise.

Many are stuck in private rental homes that don’t suit their needs, and the expectation of renters ever being able to buy continues to decrease.

For London to remain a competitive city on the world stage, its vital workforce and lifeblood needs to feel secure.

Pocket Living innovates to help city makers

We started by creating compact Pocket homes for first time buyers – allowing those on lower incomes a way to get their foot on the housing ladder.

And now we’ve come up with Pocket Edition homes for next time buyers – allowing more flexibility for those who need it.

We believe in helping our city makers because we believe our city needs them.